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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Dream Home Offices Practical?

I was perusing Pinterest as I often do now and started looking at some of the home offices. I was wondering now really do people actually use these? I'm too embarrassed to show my actual desk today, but this is what the manufacturer says it looks like ( I am not sure I have seen it look like this in awhile)

My packing station was the first place winner of  $1000 contest from Better Homes & Gardens a few years back, but it hasn't looked this good recently either, oh how I wish it did!

Here are some home offices from Pinterest, now do people actually work in these, that is the question??

 actaully love this one

What do you think???
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Saturday, January 21, 2012

Tiny Houses

I have become quite intriqued with tiny houses, so many cute ones. I found one I DO NOT want to live in!! This one is in Switzerland, no thanks

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Friday, January 13, 2012

Whew! All Valentine Swap Partners Information has been sent. I checked and double checked and don't think I missed anyone. If you DID NOT receive an email yet and you think you joined the swap, please contact me ASAP! Otherwise everyone have fun shopping and making for your partners. Hopefully we can have a few new friendships along the way :)

Valentine Swap 2012 Update Sign Ups Closed

Sign - ups ae now closed for the 2012 Valentine Swap. Partner information will be sent tomorrow. We have 46 ladies participating. Thanks to all that joined in!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Valentine Swap 2012 Update

Ok, here is a Valentines Swap Update, I am excited, keep tossing ideas around in my head. I won't decide for sure what I am giving until I know who my partner is. Tomorrow - Thursday is the last day to sign up to participate. I will be working on pairings tomorrow and wait until tomorrow night for any last minute people. Fri. I will send you your swap partners information, and a few suggestions. N...ow I currently have 39 people including myself. Here are the other 38 First Name Last Initial & state. If you DO NOT see your name here and think you are participating, please contact me asap at If you still want to join in please do. See post below for information. Also updates on my Facebook page  Here are our swappers so far:
Nicole C. FL,
Tiffany S. CA
Linda L. CA
Angela D. SC
Jeanne J. MI
Jana A. CA
Tracy T. IL
Thea MC VA
Holly H. MO
Denise C FL
Linda S. KS
Brittany D. NY
Cindy Mc KY
Mary S. OH
Jean M. CA
Dawn Mc IL
Darcy H. PA
Sherry S. WA
Gennette C. WV
Kerri N. TX
April R. IN
Cynthia S. NY
Gail T. MN
Susan H. IN
Deana B. TX
Susanne B. AZ
Heather B. AZ
Yvonne R. Ca.
Sue R. KY
Sharon O AK
Sandy P. CA
Anna S. NY
Judy B. MO
Francine W WI.
Barbara B. CT
Patricia M. TX
Suzanne F. MI
Michele W.WI 
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Monday, January 09, 2012

Valentine Swap 2012

We have 33 ladies so far, here is the breakdown by state

 Valentine swappers by state so far..  AK(1) AZ(2) CA (6) our front runner FL(2) IL(2) IN(2) KS(1) KY (2) MI(1) MN(1) MO(1) NY (4) OH(1) PA(1) SC(1) TX(2) VA(1) WA(1) WV(1)  

19 states represented, come on gals how about some other states, we are going to have fun! See previous post for swap rules, Check out my FACEBOOK page for update, ideas, information. Visit our webpage anytime Nanalulus Linens and Handkerchiefs

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Valentine's Day Swap 2012 Deadline To Join January 13th

Anyone interested in doing a Valentine Swap? If you’ve never heard of swapping before, here’s what it’s all about: Everyone who participates is assigned a partner Then every swap participant makes/buys/procures the items to be swapped. Once you receive your swap partners’ addresses, you send them a package, and they’ll send you one in return.
For this swap you will send three items,  something vintage, something new, and something handmade. (all Valentine related) For instance something vintage might be a postcard, button hankie, valentine card, anything vintage & related to Valentines Day, something new, & something handmade, same idea. There is no dollar limit, I suggest you be generous, but not over the top. Be creative. You will mail all three of your items in one package. This also saves on mailing costs.
If you would like to participate you would have to send me your full name & mailing information. If you don't fully intend to participate please do not join in There is nothing more disheartening than sending out a beautiful package and getting nothing in return. Sorry I cannot be responsible if your partner does not follow through. If you are interested send me your info to with Valentine swap as the subject. I will contact you on Jan. 14th with your recipients information. Deadline to join January 13. Deadline to mail your package out Jan 27th. Please USA addresses only due to rising postal costs.
I am organizing this swap over on my facebook page, so you can look for follow ups here or over there, also ideas, photos etc!
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Sunday, January 01, 2012

DIY Key Giftwrap & All You Need is Love Gift Bag

I went to a small get together today for a group of girlfriends that haven't been together for 2 years. One recently married and moved into a beautiful new home. I took a small engraved skeleton key for all and some dish towels for the new homeowner. I didn't have any wrapping paper & didn't want to use Christmas wrap so I had to get a little creative.  I cut a lunch bag just above the flat bottom part for these. Copied some key graphics from a rubber stamp and taped it on the front. Used cute sheer black polka dot ribbon & ribbon that reads Cherish, Love Joy. I thought they looked so cute!

For the dish towels I folded them in half & put into lunch bag, Printed All You Need is Love in cute fonts, taped to the bag and added the same ribbon as above. Font is Cupid de Locke and Baroque Script. Cheap & cute!

These were the retro kitchen dishtowels!

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