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Monday, January 31, 2011

Valentine Gingerbread Cottage

You have to go over to With Love & Confection and see her amazing Valentine Gingerbread House. My granddaughter & I made one a few years ago for Christmas. We don't have the talent that she does for sure! Here's hers then ours. Makes ours look pretty sad, but we had fun!

We had little pairs of everything, 2 fish in the heart pond, 2 tootsie roll dogs for the doghouse
Nanalulus Linens and Handkerchiefs


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More Pretty & EASY Valentine Ideas

The key word here is EASY! I love Valentine's Day, but currently run a successful business from my home, have a dear mother with late stages Alzheimers, help my dad with his house, shopping, appointments etc, he doesn't drive, have a 19 year old son that doesn't drive so I play taxi there too. Four kids 10 grandkids so you can guess a busy life!

I found this idea recently on Country Living Magazines website. Love Love the idea, can't wait to get to local hardware store for paint strips! How cute!

Two more ideas from Martha Stewart If you like to craft with cupcake liners check out my ideas here:Fun Things You Can Make From Cupcake Liner Papers

What a fun card for your husband or sweetie

Everything here at HP to make a darling Victorian card, Print & Cut!
Print Victorian Valentine Postcards. Use card stock, spray with glitter, you could even add a dangling little charm or prism

HAVE FUN! and be sure to visit
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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Easy & Cute Kids Valentines Ideas

Just Print & Wrap using you favorite candy bar
Printable from Hewlette Packard
Another idea from HP... just add lollipop, can't get much easier!
Lollipop Valentines

How about I wanna hold your hand!

A couple of cute ones from Disney

Pencil Valentines
I love this one! I've Got My Eye on You!
More Valentine ideas coming so check back!

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Saturday, January 22, 2011

Valentine Days LOVE It!

Anyone who knows me knows that I just LOVE Valentine's Day. I love hearts and anything RED so of course this became my favorite holiday!

I go crazy this time of year with all the cute stuff around. Over the next couple of weeks I will be sharing some of my favorite goodies with you. First up, the sweetest Paper Valentine Hearts to print and fold. As soon as I saw them had to try them out, so cute! Here is Hewlett Packard's photo, then mine. So theirs look a little better than mine, but I had fun. Just print and fold... easy as pie.
I added cute stickers.

Of course Martha Stewart always has the best ideas. I typically go for the simpler things since I'm not very crafty and I don't have the time. These are cute and easy, with a classic Valentine look.


Another simple print and use it project from Hewlett Packard.


A couple more from Martha

I thought these were awfully cute and can be used in a variety of ways. All you need are some wooden clothespins and some pretty paper. You can find cute scrapbooking papers almost anywhere. If you have difficulty drawing a perfect heart you can use cookie cutters as a template. I have all kinds of heart shaped cookie cutters! These would be fun way to send special notes on your child's lunch bag!

I haven't tried this yet, but I definitely will... just too adorable! I like the old fashioned look of wax paper I think it would be perfect with vintage look Baker's twine in red and white. You can get the twine at Crate & Barrel. You can use any type of sweet ribbons, they normally have $1 spools at Michaels Craft Stores. Make your own little tags using the cookie cutters again!

Coming up next... a darling and easy card for kids to make, check back soon! Please visit our website

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Vintage Valentine's Day Cards

It seems like I cannot remember when Valentine's Day wasn't my favorite day of the year. I remember in Kindergarten of First Grade coming home and pouring over those little Valentine exchange cards for days. I just loved them! I wish my mom would have saved those :(

I had to start a collection of other peoples cards! Today I thought I'd share some old Valentines with you. See if you can find Shirley Temple or The Blue Fairy from Pinocchio. I particulary like this first one because it looks to me as if he is handing a Valentine Hankie out the window to his sweetie. Valentine hankies are my other collection. If you would like to start a collection check out my website here:

Which One Is Your Favorite?