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Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby Reill'y First Christmas Vintage Blocks Ornament

This was not my original idea, I tweaked it by adding the vintage buttons. The original idea was in Country Sampler's Christmas Magazine 2014 Magazine
Step One, organize your items
 Three vintage child's wooden blocks. I chose 
R for Reilly & O for Oda, and a cute snowman
Two vintage red buttons 
E6000 glue
red ribbon 
I ran the ribbon through the round button to make the loop for the top for hanging
I glues the button to the top block the "R" block
Run the ribbon through the bell and the button ( I chose a square button) for the bottom block, tie a knot and cut short. Glue to bottom block
Ok so now I couldn't stand the bottom block up to clue others on, so I got smart & stood it in a small glass jar I have that holds rubber bands, worked! Glue middle and top block

Finished Ornament
I roughed up the bell a little with a nail file 
to make it look a little older

I hope my sweet baby Reilly will have it for many years

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