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Monday, December 26, 2011

Treasure Hunt Bottles Made For Christmas

 I had fun making these Treasure Bottles for my kids for Christmas. The hardest part was finding tiny treasures that would fit into the opening of the bottle, Here are some of what I used. charms, buttons, whatever was tiny. A Bingo marker, eraser, paperclips, a small  hors d'oeuvre fork.

I bought these cool bottles for $2.99 at local discount store, they had the cork & ring ontop already. Each held about 1 pound of rice! I saw this little hand poking out when I photographed. I thought it was funny, like Help get me out of here!!!

If you make them be sure to leave some room at the top so they can move the rice around. I used gold glitter hot glue to seal them and used a sealing was stamp to add my golden heart seal.

I forgot to take a picture after I attached the Treasure Map, but here it is. I listed all the things they need to hunt for. Signed the back, Especially Made For You
 Close up of the heart seal, they didn't come out real clear, yet you can get the picture.
One little tiny charm is a $100.00 bill. My 7 year old grandson wanted to know if I put a real $100 bill inside. I am afaid they would have broken them open! They liked them!
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Mary said...

This is fantastic!!

Susangrandma said...

that is awesome!!! this would be a great VBS Craft to go with the scripture "we have this treasure in earthen vessels"