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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Gingerbread House Creation

My granddaughter wanted to enter a creation for the Gingerbread Gallery at our local museum. We live in Syracuse so this is The Erie Canal Museum. We have gone for years to look at the exhibit, but this is our first actual entry. It is titled Christmas on the Erie Canal. It was a lot of fun, but WOW , you can spend a lot of money on all those supplies!
Every part of the creation has to be edible. We used fruit stripe gum to make the boats. I think my favorite part is the little wagon. It is graham crackers with little oreo cookie wheels. The "donkey" that is pulling it is a Lindt Chocolate reindeer. The rope is black licorice and the barrels are root beer barrel candies. The weighlock building has Necco wafers for the roof, while the Canastota supply store has an M&M roof. The canal is made from blue fondant icing, and the walkway to the side door is now and later candy squares. I needed something to make a sign with, so we melted 2 yellow now and later candies in the microwave & rolled them out. Wilton sells edible markers you can write with. The rocks along the canal bank are actually chocolate rock candy. Enjoy looking!

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