Thursday, November 13, 2014

Baby Reill'y First Christmas Vintage Blocks Ornament

This was not my original idea, I tweaked it by adding the vintage buttons. The original idea was in Country Sampler's Christmas Magazine 2014 Magazine
Step One, organize your items
 Three vintage child's wooden blocks. I chose 
R for Reilly & O for Oda, and a cute snowman
Two vintage red buttons 
E6000 glue
red ribbon 
I ran the ribbon through the round button to make the loop for the top for hanging
I glues the button to the top block the "R" block
Run the ribbon through the bell and the button ( I chose a square button) for the bottom block, tie a knot and cut short. Glue to bottom block
Ok so now I couldn't stand the bottom block up to clue others on, so I got smart & stood it in a small glass jar I have that holds rubber bands, worked! Glue middle and top block

Finished Ornament
I roughed up the bell a little with a nail file 
to make it look a little older

I hope my sweet baby Reilly will have it for many years

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Saturday, October 04, 2014

Tutorial Mother of Pearl Button Necklace for Fall Acorn!

Tutorial Mother of Pearl Button Necklace for Fall Acorn!

I thought his vintage mother of pearl acorn button would be so sweet as a necklace so I put this together. You will need  

1. a larger button for the base. I used this one here:
                                  A Large 1.75 Inch Smokey Colored Mother of Pearl Button 

            2. a medium  of a different color for the center. I used this                     one here:            A Vintage Carved Mother of Pearl MOP Cosmo or Tropical Flower Button 

        3. the darling mother of pearl acorn button found here:
Vintage Carved Mother of Pearl MOP Acorn Button

I purchased these necklace findings at Michael's Craft Store, you could us a glue on bale like the one shown in first photo too. They only had silver ones when I went and I didn't want to wait to order one online. These others turned out perfectly as you will see, adding a bit of bling to the back of the necklace
 Using E6000 Glue glue your three buttons together

I then glued one of the filigree findings to the back putting the flat side down, leaving a little bling as decoration for the backside of your necklace. I made a tiny dot with a black marker to line up the top of the acorn so the ring would be centered correctly on the buttons. 

I added a small jump ring and you can put the pendant on a ball chain necklace as shown here or add to an organza ribbon necklace, I might pick up one of these myself.

Organza Ribbon Necklace

 Your necklace will be a perfect addition to any fall wardrobe, great gift for a button loving friend!

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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party Ideas

I had a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Party for my 7 year old grandson, I thought I would share the ideas for others to use! 

Some had ninja turtle legos on them, others a little cabochon I found online

Oreo & Caramel Cookie for small sewer lids, Pizelle for large sewer lids, Ninja turtle Pizza gummies found at the grocery store, regular turtle gummies, pretzel rods were Donatello's Bo Sticks, added stickers to green lollipops, and 2 size green gumballs were sewer bombs (these were the FIRST thing the kids went after the bowl was filled!)
 Wrapped utensils in green napkins added ribbon for masks and google eyes from the $1 store
 Printed off graphics on label paper to stick to water bottles
Michaelangelo's Nunchucks made from Chocolate Swiss Rolls and licorice strips
 Turtle OOZE - green jello in green plastic cups  3 for $1 at the dollar store
 My grandson saw a $25 ninja pinata at the store, not wanting to spend that we got creative. Used a large paper lantern left over from a summer wedding. $2 worth of crepe paper and cartoon eyes printed off the internet completed the project